The algorithm on Instagram and what to watch out for

Since Instagram stopped displaying posts chronologically, everyone has been trying to figure out its algorithm. This article looks at how the current algorithm works and discusses tips on maximizing the organic reach of your posts.
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What is the algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm is a mix of factors with which Instagram decides what content to prioritize for a user. Initially, when Instagram started, all posts were displayed chronologically. However, as the number of users and posts increased, it became impossible for users to see all posts in one day. By 2016, users were missing about 70% of posts, including 50% from their close friends. Therefore, Instagram introduced an algorithm that sorts posts based on what interests you.

How does it work?

The algorithm should be understood as a set of factors rather than a single tool. Each time a user opens Instagram, the algorithms immediately scan all available content and decide what will be displayed and in what order. The choices are based on how much the user wants to see your posts. Feed posts, Stories, Reels, and the Explore tab each have their own algorithm, each tailored to how users use that part of Instagram.

In the Feed and Stories, the algorithm is guided by information about you and the published post, as well as how users interact with it and how often they interact with you. It also considers the interests of your followers and whether your post fits into them.

Similarly, in the Explore tab, Instagram tries to evaluate content that users might like based on their previous interactions. The same applies to Reels, where additional factors such as the music used or content of video is added.

Recently, Instagram reintroduced the chronological feed, which is not subject to any algorithmic rules. However, this type of display is not the default setting, and users have to ‘click through’ to it. Since most users open Instagram several times a day, it’s unlikely they will change the settings each time.



And because Instagram has moved away from the chronological feed, it is possible that now, people prefer the algorithm. And why? The algorithm is set precisely so that the app entertains the user and thus they spend as much time on it as possible.

So how to outsmart the algorithm?

Instagram is still primarily a visual platform. First and foremost, consider what your followers like and what content they prefer on Instagram. Which of your posts are most successful? Which ones are not doing well? Based on that, adapt your future post plan. And don’t be afraid to try new ideas and trends.

In addition to focusing on content, a few tips and tricks will undoubtedly also help you in making your posts as successful as possible:


Many profiles on Instagram only reshare content from other creators. Instagram does not like this. According to Instagram, posts with content that you have taken from somewhere else should have less reach than those you create from scratch. Focus on your own creations. Of course, occasional resharing of a post from your customers or a good review will do no harm. However, it should not be the foundation of your content.

Dive into creating Reels

Take the opportunity and include Reels in your content plan. Reels are still a relatively new format on Instagram. And since the platform is currently placing a great deal of emphasis on video content, this format does well in the algorithm.

Tip! Do not recycle videos marked with the TikTok logo (or any other). Instagram has warned that it will reduce the reach of such videos.

Posting time

Publish posts when your followers are also on the platform. Although there are studies that tell you when users of individual platforms are most active, do not rely on these numbers. Instead, look at the insights of your posts.



Interactive posts

End the copy of the post with a question, or a call to action. Instagram notices interactions, and the more users interact with your post, the more your content will be displayed to them.

Less is more

The head of Instagram revealed that Instagram also limits how many times a day you see posts from one user. Therefore, the tactic of making more posts to increase the likelihood that your followers will see them does not work. Focus more on regularity, consistency, and quality rather than the number of posts.

And if it’s too much for you and you don’t want to search for news and changes in the algorithm every day, contact us, we are happy to help!


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