8 tips to better Insta feed

Do you enjoy social networks and want your Instagram profile to stand out among the others? Then focus mainly on your feed, which can definitely differentiate you and catch the eye at first glance! We have summarized 8 tips on how you can improve your feed. What else? We will also advise you on other applications that will help you achieve the desired effect. Let's get into it!
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In other words, the arrangement of photos. While creating interesting content, you also have to think about the overall look. Carefully consider how you will add photos and how they will be arranged in the feed. A combination of different types of posts can create an interesting mosaic or simply connect with each other.

Apps: Preview, Planoly, UNUM, Canva

If you are a perfectionist and want everything to match perfectly, you can also plan how the posts will follow each other thematically.


For creatives, there is the option of arranging the feed into a modern “puzzle,” which various applications offer. Of course, we do not doubt your graphic skills, but we just want to save you time. It is important to remember that posts should make sense individually, not just as a whole.




This should be the main reason people follow you (although there are certainly profiles that you follow just for their beautiful photos). The most important thing is what you want to communicate to people with your posts. Whether it’s your personal or business profile, you should have a main idea of why you are creating Instagram and how people should recognize you. Do you enjoy social topics, traveling, want to recommend the best restaurants in town, or just follow the latest fashion trends? Try to write down 5 topics that interest you and that you want to communicate to your fans and then develop your influence. Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts, after all, it’s your online world.


Let’s call it the mood or emotion that your feed evokes. Do you prefer tuning into white or gray? Colorful posts or minimalism? Does the Boho style describe you or are you into photos from exotic destinations? The style you bring to matching individual posts should ultimately reflect your personality. One of the easiest steps to unify the feed is to start using a uniform filter for all photos. Of course, the same filter does not always suit every photo, so try to play with brightness, contrast, intensity, shadows, or light.

Apps: Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO Cam




In connection with the chosen effect, we choose the colour scheme of the entire feed. We mean complementary colours that will alternate in the feed. It is important to find the right balance that colourfully balances the overall impression. Ideally, choose 2 to 3 colours that go well together, but don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with an interesting combination. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.




We know it’s not always possible to control but try to play around with it and focus more on the background of photos! The effect will be great! The cleaner it is, the better it will look. Of course, if the background is the main object or related to the profile strategy, focus instead on interesting places.




You can make an impression even with the same pose. If you have a favourite photo composition, try taking it with different backgrounds or in a different style, and an interesting feed is born. You can also choose multiple compositions and then combine the photos. It’s always important to maintain the same angle at which the photo is taken.




It’s not a necessity, but it can add flair to the overall feed. If you choose an interesting framing for photos, space is created between them, making them stand out more, and the overall feed will look organized. Before applying it to your profile, try it out in a program first to see how it will look.

Apps: InFrame, Canva




You’ve heard it many times, and it’s true. One of the most important things on social networks is quality photos. They are simply the basis for everything else, and without them, you will struggle to build a quality fan base. Nowadays, you can take a great photo with any smartphone, not to mention SLRs or other cameras. Just find the right light, object, and perfect your photography skills! Tips on how to do this can be found in our next article.
And a small secret of Instagram at the end? Have fun! Creating a profile and sharing experiences or experiences should be fun. So go for it! Share your creative results with us and tag #wootips.

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