Influencer marketing

Do we even need it? Won’t influencers come up with it themselves? And then what about that famous authenticity? If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these, you’ve come to the right place.
How did influencer marketing become one of the fastest growing industries? How has it moved from the first unlabeled posts masquerading as friend referrals to influencer posts sophisticatedly labeled as paid partnerships? Why did WOO decide to specialize primarily in influencer marketing and how did a small local agency grow to 7 countries in Europe? Find out all about this in an interview with WOO’s founder and CEO, Peter Srna.
Influencer marketing is nowadays quite a common part of online communication. Unlike other tools, however, it is quite difficult to predict results. Or… isn’t it? We took a look at 140 campaigns worth almost CZK 20 million and found out where the benchmark for influencer campaign performance on Instagram and TikTok is in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 
The events of the last few days have prompted us to summarise perhaps the least sexy topic in the influencer campaign process. But we feel it’s simply no longer necessary. We’re sharing our super secret know-how of agency-influencer framework agreements. Contracts are meant to help and protect.
Influencer marketing is an extremely fluid industry, inherently shaped by social media trends, influenced by celebrities and technological developments. Statista estimates that ad spend in the influencer market will reach $35.09 billion in 2024, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 10% over the next four years.
Do you enjoy social networks and want your Instagram profile to stand out among the others? Then focus mainly on your feed, which can definitely differentiate you and catch the eye at first glance! We have summarized 8 tips on how you can improve your feed. What else? We will also advise you on other applications that will help you achieve the desired effect. Let’s get into it!